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26/04/2022 15:41
Activities: Product
Asset: Commitment

It is my pleasure to share the exciting news that BLK has been selected as the winner for Scotland Prestige Awards!


BLK Wins the 2022 Scotland Prestige Awards


This is in recognition of the massive work we have done especially in support of local Scottish businesses, enabling them to source directly from suppliers and cut their supply chain costs as well as carbon footprint.


The Scotland Prestige Guide will be available to over 500,000 subscribers on a national basis. It will also reach over 100,000 readers located in Scotland and surrounding regions in both print and digital formats. Copies will be sent directly to businesses and homes across the region. 


Each year the organisers invite both readers and contributors to the Corporate Livewire and LTG publications to put forward companies, products, services and individuals who they feel are deserving of recognition. Each nominee is reviewed by a panel of judges who ultimately pick a winner in each area.  


"We are proud to support the local economies, sourcing directly and streamlining their costs, especially in these difficult times where inflation and cost of raw materials is driving prices up across the board, challenging businesses’ very viability. By allowing local businesses reduce their procurement cost, we have a direct impact on thousands of families across Scotland and the UK and we are privileged to be able to do our bit to ensure local business continuity and growth"

05/04/2022 20:16
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Open banking. Lessons, challenges and opportunities for Latin America


In the last two decades, Latin America and the Caribbean have achieved important achievements in terms of macroeconomic stability and many countries were able to capitalize on their surplus income from exports of natural resources in favor of social development, with noticeable gains in reduction of poverty. However, the region remains significantly challenged to achieve sustained and sustainable economic growth and to match the most developed nations. This became very evident with the crisis resulting from COVID19 containment measures that disproportionately affected the region and returned millions of people in the region to poverty.

One of the most important challenges is the persistent low productivity that affects all countries and all sectors. Suffice it to say that European microenterprises are on average more productive than medium-sized enterprises in Latin America. Therefore, it is necessary to redouble efforts to promote a sustained increase in factor productivity, through the adoption of public policies that improve the business environment and regulatory frameworks, promote the financial inclusion of individuals and companies, promote the modernization of infrastructure, favor the adoption of good practices by institutions and companies, among other aspects, in such a way as to achieve a better allocation of resources and an accurate impulse to productive innovation.

CAF has prioritized productivity as a central axis for action within its strategy to support shareholder countries, which is reflected in credit operations in favor of governments, private companies and financial institutions, as well as in technical assistance and knowledge generation.

In particular, with the series "Public Policies and Productive Transformation" we seek to disseminate good practices and successful policies in Latin America, with the purpose of making available to countries the best and most efficient strategies for productivity, inclusion, growth and development.

(Spanish):  Open banking. Lessons, challenges and opportunities for Latin America

04/04/2022 20:49
Activities: Market
Asset: Commitment

04/04/2022 20:48
Activities: Market
Asset: Commitment

23/03/2022 16:08
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection



Good morning


Link to the video-conference (replay) :

When global leaders and key stakeholders gathered in Glasgow for COP26 last November, many highlighted Africa’s important and growing role in the dialogue on energy and climate. The continent currently accounts for one sixth of the world’s population but it only represents 5,8% of global energy consumption. Africa’s rapidly rising population, industrialization and economic growth are driving its emergence as a key player in the world’s energy markets. To facilitate the expansion of the continent’s energy sector to provide universal access and meet demand, critical decisions will need to be taken to facilitate the necessary financing and investment in clean technologies and infrastructure. One area of enormous opportunity is renewable energy, due to Africa’s geographical position and to technological progress globally. With strong support from member countries, the IEA has ramped up its activities in Africa, and is working to support countries with their clean energy transitions. 

This event was chaired by Minister Van der Straeten from Belgium and explored how African governments, industry and multilateral organisations can work together to secure adequate investment in energy infrastructure and clean energy technologies to meet the continent’s increasing energy demand and to achieve the goal of universal energy access.

21/02/2022 18:01
Activities: Product
Asset: Concept

Le nostre Experience e i nostri Element diventano vere e proprie opere digitali.

Personalizza e arreda il tuo spazio virtuale con gli NFT made in EXPACE.

EXPACE sta rivoluzionando il mercato dello Smart Working offrendo Experiences personalizzate ai propri clienti. Da oggi è possibile personalizzare non solo gli spazi fisici ma anche quelli virtuali per rendere il proprio spazio nel Metaverso sempre più attuale. Un nuovo modo per comunicare e lavorare utilizzando i diversi servizi virtuali e le nuove opportunità di business offerte dalle più recenti realtà del Web 3.0. Tutte le Experiences di EXPACE sono vendute come prodotti NFT (Non-fungible token) su OpenSea, più grande marketplace di settore.

EXPACE punta a far vivere Experiences personalizzate per l’home working fisiche e digitali.


14/01/2022 17:56
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Theory is on Investire Today! In the Economy Group digital newspaper, you will find the business management handbook written by our CEO, Luigi V. Rinaldi

The manual is available on Amazon and in major bookstores, what are you waiting for? Do not miss theoretical reflections and practical examples to take your business to the next level!

11/01/2022 17:10
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Thanks to Emil Abirascid for including "Enry’s Theory" among the recommended readings for business management.     

This manual, written by our CEO Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, offers practical advice and theoretical reflections to help entrepreneurs, and wannabe entrepreneurs, successfully surf the waves of the liquid economy!


23/12/2021 15:08
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island, the world’s first Incubation & Acceleration Metaverse, wishes you happy holidays! 

2021 has been a great year for us, and we’re sure next year will be even brighter! 

Thanks to each of our 800+ stakeholders and all 25+ startups in our portfolio. You rock!


Like and share, pls


Happy holidays!

20/12/2021 10:49
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Commitment



Buongiorno Emmanuelle, ti posso gentilmente chiedere gli estremi di E.I. per la fattura del servizio di Francesca Agnati, così che possa farle pubblicare altre stories al più presto. Ti ringrazio!

17/12/2021 18:05
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

We made history - The first investor day in the Metaverse was held last week!

And this is only the beginning! Enry’s Island has been planning to launch its Metaverse from 2018, with its evolution "from Platform to Metaverse"

Find out more:


06/12/2021 11:17
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

How to manage your business in liquid modernity? Find out new methodologies, learn new management tools, discover practical advice. 

In "Enry’s Theory" you will find everything you need to turn your startup into the next unicorn!

Don’t miss the definitive handbook of business management, written by our CEO Luigi Valerio Rinaldi and published by McGraw Hill -->

24/11/2021 17:00
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Another award, another startup in Enry’s Island portfolio 

This time the winner is, awarded by Green Hill Advisory as "Naming Prize Innovalley 4 StartCup"! 

Another great achievement for this startup! 

Find out more HERE

19/11/2021 18:28
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

A great achievement for BLK, a startup in our portfolio, yesterday guest at the Trade Review Asia 2021

Congrats again to Gabriele Dado, CEO of BLK!

Find out more HERE

19/11/2021 17:47
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Benvenuto in Rinascimento 5.0 

Una piattaforma internazionale di persone e luoghi in totale armonia, creata per una nuova generazione di smartworkers.

Qui passato e futuro convivono, alimentandosi a vicenda. Tempo e spazio hanno un nuovo significato, favorendo la qualità della vita e del lavoro.Entra in Rinascimento 5.0 e scegli dove e come vuoi lavorare.


16/11/2021 15:16
Activities: Product
Asset: Concept

Lo Smart Working si sta diffondendo a macchia d’olio, sempre più aziende stanno decidendo di rendere questa modalità di lavoro definitiva, perché i dati hanno dimostrato uno stato psicofisico migliore dei lavoratori e una maggiore produttività.

Il lavoro da casa si sta diffondendo sempre di più. Oggi è diventato una realtà per migliaia di persone. Per essere produttivi non basta più un pc e una connessione internet. C’è bisogno di un ambiente giusto. EXPACE fornisce costantemente consigli e suggerimenti mostrando esempi concreti.

Lo spazio per lo Smart Working va individuato e separato dal resto della casa. Non è necessario disporre di tanto spazio, ma i giusti elementi e la configurazione corretta dell’arredo possono realmente cambiare la percezione da anonima postazione di lavoro a angolo privato dove canalizzare energie e attenzione per raggiungere i propri obiettivi professionali.

Un elemento molto importante nell’allestimento per lavorare è l’illuminazione. E’ preferibile posizionare la scrivania vicino ad una finestra per sfruttare la luce naturale. Posizionare una luce artificiale sulla scrivania e un illuminazione tecnica da usare durante le conference call.

La libreria è un elemento d’arredo che non può mancare  per uno Smart Working produttivo che oltre a organizzare libri e documenti può essere usato come sfondo per le conference call. In questo caso lo stile e il mood legano tutti gli elementi e gli arredi d’atmosfera come tappeti, poster, arazzi e silhouette che completano l’Experience e la rendono più immersiva.

EXPACE trasforma in design i tuoi desideri e trova la soluzione adatta ad ogni cliente.



12/11/2021 18:27
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Don’t miss this interesting interview with our CEO, Luigi Valerio Rinaldi V. Rinaldi, broadcast on Class CNBC

Learn more about "Enry’s Theory. Theory, Models and Methods for Doing Business in the Liquid Economy", a book written by our CEO and published by McGraw Hill 

 Discover the method behind our dizzying growth that has allowed us to become the first Incubation and Acceleration Metaverse in the world

We are waiting for you at min 30 of the following video

05/11/2021 18:31
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s thrilled to announce that FoxRent, a startup we incubated, is in Open Beta!

Through this platform, it is possible to rent vehicles, including commercial ones, throughout Italy

Proud of the whole team!


Nessuna descrizione alternativa per questa immagine
05/11/2021 12:52
Activities: Product
Asset: Concept

EXPACE, la startup che trasforma il tuo ambiente di lavoro, creando esperienze personalizzate. Lo Smart Working non sarà mai più come prima.

Il Covid-19 ha esposto tutti noi alla necessità di lavorare da casa in modalità Smart Working. Ci si è dovuti adattare all’ambiente domestico e non sempre con soluzioni agevoli. Sono tanti i professionisti impegnati fra videochiamate ed e-mail che restano a casa e sempre più spesso gli unici spazi di cui disporre sono piccoli angoli anonimi privi di funzionalità e comodità. Da qui l’esigenza di distinguere gli spazi di lavoro da quelli dell’abitare con l’obiettivo di personalizzarli attraverso un particolare design che è simbolo e racconto di una passione. 

EXPACE offre all’utente non una postazione di lavoro qualunque  ma un vero e proprio universo esperienziale. Su EXPACE è possibile scegliere un Experience e viverla “in stile” con tutti i comfort di un vero ufficio

L’Experience PINK WALL trasporta l’utente nello psichedelico mondo della musica. Ogni elemento ha un legame formale e intellettuale con la rock band britannica più progressiva degli anni ‘70. La scrivania in acciaio, legno e pelle è l’omaggio compositivo del team di progettisti EXPACE alla tastiera, al sintetizzatore analogico di Rich; allo stesso modo la libreria e la sedia sono progettate per ricostruire il celebre “The Wall”. Ci si ritrova in una sorta di palcoscenico, all’interno del quale si riconoscono simboli, elementi che ricostruiscono un’atmosfera quasi surreale.

EXPACE punta a cucire su misura del cliente lo spazio di lavoro, personalizzandolo, creando Experiences che rievocano i desideri più intimi.




03/11/2021 00:54
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection


BLK Was invited to present as one of 3 tradetech startups at the Glocal Trade Review Asia.

Having attended the event in person in London last month,  in this instance we will be presenting at the Singapore event virtually.


03/11/2021 00:47
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection


BLK Was invited to present as one of 3 tradetech startups at the Glocal Trade Review Asia.

Having attended the event in person in London last month,  in this instance we will be presenting at the Singapore event virtually.


29/10/2021 18:34
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

HUI - Liquid Collaboration Platform

Discover our innovative app to properly manage your Fundraising process

Join our community, where startuppers meet global investors

Try HUI now!

29/10/2021 17:41
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Hurray! WasteBox has been awarded the title of Best B2B Waste Management Platform - Italy 

The awards are organized by BUILD Magazine to give visibility and recognition to the best startups that are revolutionizing the world of waste management

Congrats to the whole team!

29/10/2021 08:58
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Competence

Hi Bryan,

I’m Daniele, the new Product Unit Manager of Enry’s Island / HUI.

Nice to e-meet you.

We are looking for four figures for Enry’s and its startups.

They are very urgent!

I’m attaching the links to the JOs and CSOs.


28/10/2021 16:17
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Good luck, Confidence! 

This startup, in the Enry’s Island portfolio, is among the finalists for the National Award Campioni di InnovAzioni 2021!  

A competition in which innovative solutions are awarded- just like Confidence, which put the world of online research at the service of investments for the crypto economy  

To support it, let’s "Like" this post on InnovAzioni Facebook page

28/10/2021 15:02
Activities: Market
Asset: Creation

Stanco di dover contattare telefonicamente aziende per sapere se hanno a disposizione un furgone per poter caricare tutti i tuoi utensili?

Stanco di dover chiedere sempre nuovi preventivi? 

Sei nel posto giusto! 

22/10/2021 10:18
Activities: Product
Asset: Competence

Per il team di Hop Up,

@emmanuelle ci ha gentilmente condiviso la mail con lo script utilizzato dal team di etsa per contattare gli influencer e prendere accordi con loro, vi invito a leggerlo anche per comprendere meglio le leve da utilizzare e i punti di forza di etsa.


Potete trovarlo a questo link:

Attendo vs riscontro

20/10/2021 14:29
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Nell’ultimo numero di Millionaire, la rivista di business più letta in italia, si parla di noi! 

Di seguito un estratto dell’articolo: 

"Primo Incubation & Acceleration Materverse al mondo, Enry’s Island ha guadagnato il primo posto nel ranking di Crunchbase, posizionandosi come miglior acceleratore e incubatore d’Italia. Ottimo anche il posizionamento internazionale: 6a in Europa 61a nel mondo. Un risultato frutto dell’attento lavoro di oltre 800 stakeholder internazionali e  delle 25 società in portafoglio, il cui valore si attesta a un totale di 30 milioni di euro"


17/10/2021 22:01
Activities: Product
Asset: Commitment


17 OCTOBER 2021

Welcome to BLK Shipping, our regular update from the shipping market. In this issue, we’ll be covering:

  • Wet Cargo
  • Dry Cargo
  • Containers
  • Gas

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Wet Cargo

The increasing price of crude oil has been driving the tankers’ charter rates up, although the availability of VLCCs meant a general slowdown for this segment.

VLCC – Very Large Crude Carriers saw a decline over the past week, primarily due to the oversupply of tonnage in the market. Outlook: Stable

Suezmax – strong rally Sith over 1800% increase WoW for suezmaxes, with a very strong performance, especially in the Mediterranean. Outlook: Positive

Aframax – afra rates more gained ground, with a general strengthening across most routes. Outlook: Positive

Dirty Products – Apart from the usual busy market in the Med and Black Sea, demand remained weak in all other regions, causing rates to soften. Outlook: Stable.

Clean Products – Charter rates weakened across the board with some routes losing over 50% WoW. The MR market remained relatively oversupplied, and the lack of available cargoes did the rest to cause charter rates to slip by an average of 10% Outlook: Negative

MR – weakening demand did not support the MR rates, which, coupled with the oversupply of carrying capacity in the market, caused rates to fall across the board. Outlook: Negative

LR1 demand for log-range tankers fell in the last few weeks and continues on a downward trend. Outlook: Negative

LR2 LR2 tankers weakened approx. 20% WoW but, on average, remain still strong compared to this summer. Outlook: Stable

Handy Handy earnings weakened too, returning below $3500/day and losing all the ground gained in September Outlook: Stable

Dirty Panamax – Rates softened on most routes, bringing Panamax rates down 22% compared to last month. Outlook: Negative

Dry Cargo

Strong performance for the bunkers on most routes and across all segments, with rates at their highest levels in over 10 years.

Capesize – Capes grew up to 30% in the last week, averaging nearly $73k/day and rates climbing sharply to unchartered heights. Outlook: Positive

Panamax  – Still another good week for the panamaxes, although slightly in decline on the Atlantic and on the routes Indonesia to China. Outlook: Positive

Supramax – Supramaxes lost ground in recent days, after climbing steadily over the course of 2021. The second half of September  saw relatively steady rates, settling on an average of $30k/day Outlook: Stable

Handysize – Handy market still performing very well. After a strong July-August rally, a slow-down in September now it settled on $36k+/day with short voyages routes fetching over $40k/day. Outlook: Stable


Container rates finally found some market resistance, with Neo-panamaxes vessels finding difficult to push much above the $145k/day mark.

Backlogs in major ports are gravely disrupting supply chains, with queues of over 70 container vessels at Long Beach and other major ports in the US, Europe and China.

We are now seeing, as predicted, a decrease in smaller-batches shipments westbound from Asia to Europe, accompanied by a subsequent easing of the TEU rates which now came down on the high $8000s mark.

Outlook: Stable


Rates for Gas Carriers remained picked up strongly, driven by the strong demand for gas worldwide and the surge in gas prices across Europe and North America.

Pressurized and semi-pressurized vessel rates remained constant, whilst the biggest winners appeared to be LNG carriers, with rates now nearing the $85k/day for 160000 m3 vessels.

Outlook: Positive

To learn more about how we can support your business shipping as cheaply and environmentally-friendly as possible, visit us at BLK.

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Did you miss our previous shipping article? Read it now.

11/10/2021 13:25
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

 Congratulations to the entire BLK team for being nominated for the SMEFinanceAwards 2021!  

Another great achievement for this Commodities Marketplace, in our portfolio, which allows SMEs to reduce their costs, by sourcing directly from producers, and become more competitive on international markets