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Archipelago Enry’s Island - Archipelago


Real-Estate, Events and Innovation

R5 is a innovative startup that enhances the inactive properties of the most beautiful italian villages by equipping them with all the necessary facilities to become innovation hubs capable of attracting smart professionals, nomad workers, smart-workers and startups, who can start their offices there (legal and/or operational). The basic ideais to improve the workers’ quality of life: always knowing new villages, new local cultures, tasting local food and wine excellences. Sleep. Eat. Work. Fun. This is R5.



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Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Back office commerciale

Commitment / Free-lance / Free-lance

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Pixel Art

Commitment / Full-time employee / Market Unit Manager

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Product specialist in HUI

Connection / Follower on HUI Social

Connection / Business developer

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market Developer

Competence / Guru / Corel Draw Graphic Suite

Competence / Guru / Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere/XD

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Digital Adv

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Basic HTML

Competence / Guru / Branding

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Social Media Marketing

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Interior Design

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / GML Game programming

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Joomla! CMS

Competence / Guru / DEM

Competence / Guru / SMM

Competence / Guru / Business Creation

Creation / Entrepreneur for at least 5 years / Enry’s Island

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Business Planning

Connection / Entrepreneur for more than 5 years

Competence / Guru / marketing

Commitment / CEO / Enry’s Island

Competence / Guru / Finance

Competence / Guru / ICT

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / DPO

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Employer Branding

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market 121 Activities

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Project management

Competence / Guru / SEO

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Organizzazione aziendale

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Recruiting

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Talent scouting

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Webdesign

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / UI/UX design (web, mobile)

Creation / Concept Owner / I have helped a customer to transition from a monolith to a microservices architecture, designing, validating and leading the implementation of a message driven architecture for document analysis and process management. Company revenue spiked up by 40%.

Creation / Startup creation / Lead the design and development of an IoT platform for assets geolocation with errors below 5 centimetres. In that context I have pitched the language to use and mentored the team members to adopt the software engineering best practices (tdd, ci/cd, ..)

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Software architect: joined several projects as an architect in Iot, document management, blockchain R&D fields, among others

Creation / Concept Owner / I have implemented a gaming platform for the biggest UK mobile game company. Among the services offered there was: payment management, bi, big data analysis, customer support. 4 years uptime, 4 minutes downtime, operational costs 1/12 of the daily revenue

Commitment / Part-time employee / PUM / Software architect, 8/10 hours per week

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Account Clerk

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Concept Manager

Commitment / Full-time employee / Full-time

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Go: had to use it several times because in the blockchain (and microservices) environment it’s a widely used language

Competence / Guru / Backend development

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Techical team lead

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Cloud and microservices architectures

Competence / Guru / Software engineering

Competence / Guru / Python (13 years, widely used)

Competence / Guru / Elixir (6 years, was my main transition after Python; one of the best languages for distributed programming in 95% of the scenarios)

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Rust: I have suggested its adoption and started using it during a contract for an IoT platform creation for performance reasons). Very relevant in the blockchain space.

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Javascript (6 years, made a fair amount of frontend work for non production applications)

Competence / University degree / Digital Business (Ongoing)

Commitment / Full-time employee / Enry’s Island

Connection / Contacts on Linkedin

Commitment / CEO / Sport Business Consulting

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / MKTG & COMM

Connection / Lobbist & Politician / ALL

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / gestione della contabilità

Commitment / Full-time employee / Studio Zanfardino

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / situazione fiscale e tributaria

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / gestione operazioni fiscali e previdenziali

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Market & fundraising

Creation / Entrepreneur for at least 5 years / Lemon Drop Group

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Strategic Planning

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Finance

Competence / Master/PhD / Strategic Corporate Finance

Competence / Master/PhD / MBA

Creation / IPO / Portobello Spa

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Media

Competence / University degree / Computer Science, with degree on neural networks


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30/09/2022 11:01
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Investire nel Metaverse? Cos’é??!! Su quale punto? Come posso fare? Chiedi al Team di Rinascimento 5! 

Identifichiamo quale Metaverse è più adatto alle tue esigenze, analizziamo i trend di mercato e il valore di ogni parcel per garantirti una scelta ottimale e un ritorno sull’investimento! 


19/11/2021 17:47
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Benvenuto in Rinascimento 5.0 

Una piattaforma internazionale di persone e luoghi in totale armonia, creata per una nuova generazione di smartworkers.

Qui passato e futuro convivono, alimentandosi a vicenda. Tempo e spazio hanno un nuovo significato, favorendo la qualità della vita e del lavoro.Entra in Rinascimento 5.0 e scegli dove e come vuoi lavorare.